Targeted Industries Strategy


Seeks to target high growth industries of the market to provide high capital appreciation potential



10 industries are involved in the industry platform and are monitored based on relative strength



The strategy invests in 6 equally weighted positions and are rebalanced monthly


Best utilized and integrated with the Adaptive Asset Allocation Strategy.

Portfolio Performance Risk/Return Metrics

 1/1/2013 – 5/31/2020

Through our relative strength screen we narrow down our holdings to select only the top 6 best performing assets.

The model uses a single performance window of 12 calendar months, and the portfolio is evaluated and rebalanced monthly based upon the model’s signals.

Each position has an equal weighting within the portfolio. Timing model trades are executed using the end of month close price each month based on the end of month signals.

*Performance results are back tested and do not represent and actual client’s account returns. Historical performance does not guarantee future results.

Intregating Adaptive Asset Allocation and Target Sector Strategy

Integrating the Adaptive Asset Allocation portfolio with a sleeve of the Target Sector will capture the high potential of select growth sectors.

The overall portfolio will exhibit more volatility with increased growth potential with the use of the Target Sector integration.

Target Sector will go to cash at managers discretion if a corrective period is identified.

Adaptive Asset Allocation Strategy

Designed to follow the trends of the markets to mitigate risk exposure

Core-Satelite Strategy

Achieve high capital gain potential among a select group of ETF’s