Successful Asset Management is Managing Risk Effectively

We invite you to experience a more-in-depth review of our portfolio strategy by meeting with our Portfolio Management Team.  We will illustrate how our tactical and adaptive asset allocation approach can enhance investment expectations and portfolio growth.


Who We Are and What We Do

Hansen & Associates Financial Group, Inc. is a fee-only Investment Advisory Firm located in California’s capitol, Sacramento. We are seasoned investment professionals with over a quarter-century of experience navigating investors through the capital markets.

The firm utilizes a quantitative methodology to develop tactical investment models for investors, operating pursuant to its “Limited Discretionary Authority” engaging in the implementation of one or more step-by-step qualification criteria and account rebalancing as deemed necessary by the firm.

Our portfolio management style is unique. We don’t make investment decisions based on our intuition, “interpretations” of fundamentals, or simply chasing the latest business story of the day. We use a select mechanical approach for our core investing called “Adaptive Asset Allocation.”  This approach creates a responsive, dynamic portfolio structure that eliminates human emotion from the investment process and gives us the ability to execute according to our strict quantitative criteria.

Our strategy also incorporates a systematic hedging process to help mitigate risk and protect from downturns in the stock market – while still maintaining a long-term growth perspective on investing. Our performance is rooted in a rules-based process that is always transparent, repeatable, and reliable.


Putting it All Together

Let’s face it; risk is an essential yet precarious element of investing. The key to successful investing involves actively balancing the potential for excess return against the commensurate risk involved. We view our portfolio management process like a navigating a finely tuned automobile through the potholes that intermittently appear over the long investment road. The tools we use to navigate those potholes -adaptive allocation and portfolio hedging- give us the ability to identify and maneuver around obstacles as they appear, or to absorb any sudden bumps or shocks with ease.

Regardless of what your investment objectivemight be, the ability to achieve your investment goals requires a disciplined, systematic approach to earn persistent gains, even during major bear markets. Our job is to make your investment profile feel like a drive through the rolling hills,while helping you to avoid those deep canyons.

Understanding the fundamentals of how adaptive allocation and portfolio hedging work will advance your understanding of the market as well the basics of what we do here at Hansen & Associates. We firmly believe that we’ve developed a strategy thatwill stand the test of time, primarily because it meets the three most stringent portfolio requirements; repeatability, predictability and sustainability.

We look forward to meeting with you one-on-one to review your objectives and create an optimal portfolio that will set you firmly on your road to investment success.