If time and the sheer speed of competing breaking news events these days leave you needing an overview of where we’ve been and where we’re headed as a result of trade wars with China as it concerns US farmers, Mario Parker and Mike Dorning provide a fairly complete picture in their Bloomberg piece,Trump’s $28 Billion Bet That Rural America Will Stick With Him

“At $28 billion so far, the farm rescue is more than twice as expensive as the 2009 bailout of Detroit’s Big Three automakers, which cost taxpayers $12 billion. And farmers expect the money to keep flowing: In an August survey by Purdue University and the CME Group, 58% said they anticipate another round of trade aid next year.”

How — and more importantly — when will it all end is anyone’s guess. And it’s that precise unknown that may be causing lasting damage to markets that can’t be recouped in months or years to come.


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